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Alberto Siclari

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Comunicare l'inquietudine: la formazione della libertà digital
format: Article | RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA - 2013 - 3-4
Year: 2013
To communicate existence means first of all to create men as free and responsible beings. It is the work of the omnipotence of God, who creates men and recreates them in Christ. However, as free beings, men can and must correspond to divine action. Human freedom is an historical status, amongst other things, and is lost or conjured through action. The history of the individual is the history of responsible freedom and of faith, which is accomplished manifestation of freedom itself. Since men relate to themselves and to God, but also to the whole complex of the human world, to correspond to divine action means also to stimulate an analogous response in other men through the most appropriate communicative forms, all of them aimed to promote responsible freedom in each individual. This is first of all manifested, after Socrates’ example, in an existence coherent with one’s own convictions. Keywords: freedom, concern, responsibility, paradox, coherence, consistency, faith, Socrates
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