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Andrea Aguti

Andrea Aguti
Vita e Pensiero
Andrea Aguti è ricercatore in Filosofia morale nell’Università di Urbino, dove insegna Epistemologia delle religioni.

Author's books

Does It Still Make Sense to Talk about the Absoluteness of Christianity? digital
format: Article | RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA - 2019 - 1
Year: 2019
Modern philosophy of religion after Hegel has often spoken of the absoluteness of Christianity, as evidenced by the classical work of E. Troeltsch Die Absolutheit des Christentums und die Religionsgeschichte (1902), and the twentieth-century philosophy of religion continued to take seriously this issue. However, in the last part of the twentieth century, with the pluralistic turn in philosophy of religion promoted by J. Hick, the issue has lost interest and, on the contrary, it has become customary to claim a non-absoluteness of Christianity...
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