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Francesco Alfieri

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La «singolarità» dell’essere umano a partire dalla rilettura dell’opera Zum Problem der Einfühlung. Possibili prospettive per una ri-fondazione antropologica dei concetti di «Persona» e «Gemeinschaft» digital
format: Article | RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA - 2013 - 2
Year: 2013
Taking Edith Stein’s Zum Problem der Einfühlung as a textual reference, this paper analyses the concept of the singularity of human beings, taking into account the development of this theme in other writings by the author. After clarifying the intangible value of singularity and delineating the path to be followed in order to achieve consciousness of human uniqueness and unrepeatability, we shall seek to analyse entropathetic experience. In this way we shall lay the groundwork for the construction of a quality of relationship that harmoniously characterises all dimensions of the human being: body, psyche and spirit. The aim of this approach is to re-found anthropology, starting precisely from the singularity of the human being, which, to the extent that it achieves consciousness of itself, feels the need to direct its attention towards other singularities in order to broaden its Gemeinschaft. The entropathetic relationship will be analysed in all its spheres, and it will be argued that a bad relationship – or rather, a relationship experienced without any achievement of consciousness – can lead an individual to manipulate himself/herself and others. Indeed, we shall analyse the potential repercussions of such a non-relationship on the physical level (manipulations), psychic level (domination/submission), affective level (begging for affection), and spiritual level (inability to reach the We dimension).
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