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Necessità e persuasione in Parmenide

newdigital Necessità e persuasione in Parmenide
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title Necessità e persuasione in Parmenide
Necessity and Persuasion in Parmenides
publisher Vita e Pensiero
format Article | Pdf
online since 02-2020
doi 10.26350/001050_000160
issn 00356247 (print) | 18277926 (digital)
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In this paper I will inquire the concepts of ἀνάγκη/Ἀνάγκη and πειθώ/Πειθώ in Parmenides’ lost Περὶ φύσεως. I will focus, in particular, on the fragments of the poem in which these words recur. I will focus, also, all the fragmets in which recur the substantive τὸ χρεών and the verb χράω. The aim is to verify if, before Plato’s Timaeus, in which we have the most important philosophical connection between ἀνάγκη and πειθώ, also in Parmenides is possible to found a philosophical treatment of these two concepts. I will try to show that the answer is affirmative. Πειθώ, according to Parmenides, is indissolubly tied to Ἀληθείη, therefore to Ἀνάγκη. According to Parmenides, to conclude, Πειθώ reveals and shows Ἀληθείη.


Parmenides, Necessity, Persuasion, Truth

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