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Hegels Philosophie di Walter Jaeschke. Un paradigma in discussione newdigital
format: Article | RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA - 2022 - 1
Year: 2022
This paper deals with Walter Jaeschke’s Hegels Philosophie. It begins with Hegel’s early writings, focusing on the relationship between logic and metaphysics. It goes on to explore central moments of Hegel’s philosophy: the relationship with Kant, the nature of categories, the philosophy of history, the concept of the State...
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Nicolai Hartmann e Alexius Meinong su apriorità e causalità. Note sul carteggio digital
format: Article | RIVISTA DI FILOSOFIA NEO-SCOLASTICA - 2021 - 4. Alexius Meinong and His Contemporaries
Year: 2021
The article offers a critical reading of the nine letters composing the correspondence exchanged by Alexius Meinong (1853-1920) and Nicolai Hartmann (1882-1950) in 1915 and 1918-1920. The author explores the main contents of the correspondence, through a chronological-thematic analysis...
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